Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing

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Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing

Glass surfing is a common behavior for bearded dragons. Learn why they do it and what you can do to ensure your pet reptile’s happy and What is causing your breaded dragon to glass surf? … may be the cause of your bearded dragon to be stressed, and cause him to glass surf.

There might be times where Bearded dragon owners see their pets trying to climb the glass of their enclosure. This, so-called, ‘glass surfing‘  Seeing a bearded dragon scratch the glass (aka glass surfing) for the first time could be amusing or even leave you feeling confused and wondering why. My Beardie has been glass surfing and running around like crazy the past couple days. She is full grown and is in a 30 gal tank. Her coloring is bright (not dark If your bearded dragon is digging and glass surfing, it may not be able to thermoregulate properly. Learn more about this issue on PetCoach.

My beardie has been glass surfing a lot recently, she is in a 40 gallon tank, she only surfs on the front view side, i figured its because she wants  Ever since she has woken up she has been glass surfing like … I know there are tons of reasons why dragons do this, so I figured I would re-list … So my beardie is 3 years old and very recently he began glass surfing almost constantly. At first it was ignore-able but it’s getting to the point .

He started out trying to attack the UVB then he eventually stopped. Now he will not stopglass surfing or digging at his carpet. He is going to  She has been CONSTANTLY glass surfing and bumping her nose against her tank for almost 4 weeks now. She is driving me absolutely nuts So I have read a lot about glass surfing in beardies and how it can signify stress in adragon. However, my little Tom Cruise seems to love glass Part of understanding how to properly care for your bearded dragon, involves … If you see your dragon scratching, pacing, or glass surfing, it may mean that they  My bearded dragon of about 8 months wont stop glass surfing. He has done it for two days now. Earlier this week for the first time we took him

Fred my 2 year old bearded dragon it glass surfing a lot and always wants to be out his enclosure. So take him out to play, and as soon as i put Hey there, My bearded dragon recently started glass surfing so i decided to get her a larger viv, Problem is she is still Glass surfing. I have no. You may notice your bearded dragon frantically clawing at the glass on the side of the terrarium. This is usually due to the bearded dragon seeing his reflection Gods, I haven’t been on here for many years. Anyway, recently picked up a bearded dragon who’s constantly “glass” surfing. It’s in apostrophes


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