Cafe Au Lait Spots When To Be Concerned
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Cafe Au Lait Spots When To Be Concerned

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Cafe Au Lait Spots When To Be Concerned

If NF2 is being considered in your family, you should consult your physician or the Children's Tumor Foundation for further information. The most common way for a person with neurofibromatosis type 1 to be discovered to be affected is by finding multiple cafeaulait spots. Cafeaulait spots are flat brown skin spots.
Every pediatrician faces the challenge of deciding if a patient who has café au lait (CAL) spots has an underlying genetic condition. CAL spots typical of .
Caféaulait spots are smooth, often irregular, brown spots on the skin. They are. Ask a dermatologist today if you have concerns about your skin. Symptoms of .
Dr.Greene, I am a retired Family Practitioner. My 7-week-old grandson has 7 cafeaulait spots. What does this mean about his chances of developing .
Caféaulait spots or macules (CALS or CALM) are flat, pigmented spots on the skin.. CALS or other signs of NF1, they should be followed for these concerns.

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