European Union List Of Embargoed Countries
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European Union List Of Embargoed Countries

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European Union List Of Embargoed Countries. It is the policy of the European Union to intervene when necessary to prevent conflict or. Sanctions may target governments of third countries, or non-state entities and. Arms embargoes; Trade restrictions, such as import and export bans. Consolidated list of persons, groups and entities subject to EU financial sanctions.

countries, or non-state entities and individuals (such as terrorist groups and terrorists). They may comprise arms embargoes, other specific or general trade. It also offers a consolidated list containing the names and identification details of. The European Union applies sanctions or restrictive measures in pursuit of the.

EU Sanctions Map. Adopted by. EU. UN. UN and EU. Themes. Terrorism. Countries. Afghanistan. Belarus. Bosnia & Herzegovina. Burundi. Central African Republic. China. Democratic Republic of the Congo. Measures. Arms embargo. Arms export. Arms import. Arms procurement. Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available..

COUNCIL OF Brussels, 30 July 2001. THE EUROPEAN UNION. 11310/01. PESC 317 COARM 4. TRANSMISSION NOTE. From : Council Secretariat. Country, EU Sanctions, US Sanctions, Remarks. Afghanistan, measures against the Taliban: – embargo on arms and related materiel – ban on provision of . Measures such as arms embargoes or travel restrictions are implemented directly by. The European Parliament must be informed of any such Regulations.. Does the EU maintain a list of sanctioned individuals and entities?. implementation of EU sanctions within their respective countries, the internal regulators of the .

The list below details specific countries where sanctions have been imposed. This amendment results from the Council of the European Union’s decision to lift . The following is a list by regime of sanctions currently in force (in whole or part), with a brief. . The European Union introduced Council Regulation (EC) No 765/2006. .. The United Nations Arms Embargoes (Somalia, Liberia and Rwanda) .

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